Mark Sanchez celebrates first Eagles win with two cheesesteaks

Mark Sanchez celebrates first Eagles win with two cheesesteaks

When Mark Sanchez told ESPN's Jon Gruden prior to Monday night's game that he never had eaten a Philly cheesesteak before, you knew it wouldn't take long to christen him. As long as Sanchez didn't stink in the game against the Carolina Panthers, of course


He didn't, throwing for 332 yards and two touchdowns in Philly's 45-21 blowout, and Sanchez on his birthday, no less took one step closer to becoming the people's champion in Philadelphia by stopping by not one but two local cheesesteak haunts Geno's and Pat's.

This is how you endear yourself to Philadelphians. (For a week or two, anyway.) Check out the video, courtesy of Action News ABC 6 in Philadelphia from after the game.
Maybe Tony Luke's or Jim's was just as good a choice, and perhaps those businesses can work out a promotion, inviting Sanchez to dine at their establishments after every game he wins as the Eagles' starter. We suggest a new "Sancheezesteak" sandwich in his honor if he leads the team to an NFC East crown.

But either way, the native Californian was in high spirits after the big victory and was more than happy to hobnob with the hoi polloi.

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